What I Learnt From my Dad's Death? Health is Wealth

It came so sudden because I never expected it, but it’s fine. It’s well. Those are my final thoughts.

So I lost my Dad 5:17 am on Sunday morning, 14th March, 2021, just 9 days to his birthday(23/03/2021). So so sad but I know God knows best and I just have to accept faith and learn from the experience.

So what did I learn from his sudden death?

I actually learnt a lot of stuffs, so keep reading as I share them with you below.

1. Things take time

Yes, the first thing I learnt is that things really do take time. So whether you’re experiencing any negative or positive things in your life, it really does take time before they manifest.

It’s the little thing you do everyday in your life that counts and make up the big things. Big events don’t just happen.

So whatever happens to you now started coming into place way back, and if you’ve got to change it, you need to start doing something right now. Things don’t just happen, things really do take time.

My dad actually had stroke a year ago which was due to complications in is eating and drinking habit a couple of years prior to the sudden stroke.

So I’d suggest you take good care of your self. Watch what you eat and drink, and by all means avoid processed food. Whole meal that are as fresh and natural as possible are the best. Do yourself good by taking them.

Here is a an article on how to eat well and avoid diseases like stroke, diabetes etc.


2. Eat well

It is very good to eat fruits and highly proteinous food with less colesterol, however, majority of Nigerians find it difficult to do that.

We usually eat whatever we find. We don’t plan our food and we don’t even care about the future consequence on our health. This is so bad.

Infact, many of the drinks and bear being promoted by mainstream media isn’t that good for our health. Continuous consumption of sugar drinks also addup ailment into our body. But why don’t mainstream media talk about it, it’s all about politics and money.

3. Health is Wealth

Good health is the real wealth in today’s world. No matter how wealthy you are, one or two terminal disease could wipe up your finances and put you in a state of panic.

So let’s take our health serious. Let’s jog, trek, eat well and focus on the right things.

4. Develop the ability to act.

How soon do you act when you have an idea? How soon do you take action when you know there’s something you need to do?

If there’s a considerable long period between the time you take action, then that’s procastination. And I must say procastination is devilish.

5. Money is nothing, value is everything.

The occurrence of my Dad’s Death also made me to realise how intangible money is.

Imagine your dad is on a sick bed and no amount of money God have blessed you with can change anything.

Imagine, your dad is also on a sick bed and a doctor is telling you how much are you going to pay me because your dad vomitted. Such words alone kills patient’s.

So in short, the numerics/bank balance you have on your bank account isn’t of any use when someone has ill health. Use it to take good care of yourself and them before situations get out of hand.

6. Health is wealth

To be successful you need good and sound health. And to be honest, this something you need to keep working on otherwise things can relapse.

Another thing to look at is your feeding. It’s advisable to take alot of fresh food, fruits and protein. Any processed food will surely have a negative effect on your health in the long run, so take less of it.

Taking drugs, tobacco and other narcotic substance is not also helpful. The side effect occurs when you’re at an early age of about 50 years.

7. Be good, very good and social.

My Dad is a very good man, and when you couple that with being social, then you know his a great man indeed.

He helped a lot of people who never helped him back but that’s not an issue. What I respect most is the ability to give, give and keep giving.

Even though you don’t have what people are requesting, help with the little you have where you are.

8. Enjoy your life when you’re alive.

My dad social verbs made him a free person  and also gives him the ability to enjoy himself every single moment.

He takes himself to bars, restaurants, shopping and other recreational centres.

Now I know those moments are actually priceless.

9. Give, give, give and give.

Yes, give, give, give and continue to give. If you don’t have the amount people ask for, help them with what you can afford.

One thing I have heard a lot of people say is how people generally don’t want to help in this country but don’t let that get into your head.

As a rich person, we’re all custodians of God’s wealth, and what you do with it while it’s in your possession matters a lot.

Do you use it to bless as many people as possible or just your self alone?

10. Ask, ask, ask and ask.

Giving starts the receiving process, but before you start receiving, you sometimes need to ask because that’s how people know what you want.

If you never ask, nobody will know you need help. Anyways, ask more often from the right people. The (20%) people that can help you.

11. The only easy day was yesterday.

Never, ever relent. Nothing is certain. There’s always surprises, and the question is, how prepared are you for the next surprise?

My dad was actually discharged from the hospital on Thursday, and I guessed we all relaxed and slacked a bit, guess what, on Saturday afternoon he was back to the hospital.

So guys, you’ve got to always be prepared. Anything can happen to anyone anytime.

In addition to this, live your life and day as if it is your last because one day, it will surely be.

12 Pray, do not take prayer for granted.

Prayer and gratitude has its place in our life. In fact, a great Albert Einstein’s quotes says “Not all things that count can be counted and not all things that can be counted counts.” This is very true with life.

Take prayers seriously, their are supernatural powers in this small world, and prayers is a way to let the universe align to you and make things workout the way you never expected.

These are some of the lessons I learnt from his sudden death. There’s a lot much more my mouth can’t say but it’s all fine.

Thank you for reading through.

Hope you learnt something new🤔.

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