Why Nigerians Must Put Their Savings in Bitcoin and Etherum in 2017

Why Nigerians Must Put Their Savings in Bitcoin in 2017

As at present bitcoin its 500/$, if you buy $100 of bitcoin when 1 bitcoin = $1050.

You will have $200 when bitcoin hit $2100/bitcoin.

As more people get to know about bitcoin, it’s value increases daily due to more demand. Though it can also reduce, but in the long run it will increase.

The major reason why i want Nigerians to invest in bitcoin is simply because; Bitcoin is considered as an asset, that’s it keeps appreciating in value over time. If you save your money in bitcoin, you have higher possibility to double or triple the amount you saved in a year’s time, when the price of bitcoin goes up. This by far  more profitable and promising that the little interest bank give you on your savings.

Secondly, cryptocurrency is the rave of the moment, people are now investing in digital currency has nobody wants their money to be controlled by a central body/bank again. I’m sure you’re aware that world billionaires like Microsoft’s Bill Gates are now investing huge in Cryptocurrency as it tends that digital currency is the trending business all over the world.

Lastly bitcoin has appreciated 117% since 2016, this shows that bitcoin has double in value within a year, why keep your money in bank for years, when it can not even accrue enough interest to meet inflation. Be wise, always learn more to earn more.

Why Nigerians Must Put Their Savings in Ethereum in 2017

Then the other one is etherum.

1 etherum coin is $11 as at the time of writing this post, and $13 as at the time of completing this post.

If you buy the coins now at #500/$ that’s #5500 for an etherum coin.

Coming 2018 etherum will be around $25/coin or if not more as this year is the year of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum has had it’s problems in 2016, but only launched late in 2015. I find it hard to imagine that the price will go crazy in 2017, but now is the time to be buying before the progress that is currently being made is delivered and get the price moving. In other words, this is less of a “tip” as you might expect in a newspaper (“It’s going up!) and instead is more general advice (“The future is exciting and the price seems to be attractive”).

According to financial guy @ BlogActive.eu, crypto prices can really jump around, so it is entirely possible that a trade can be made in the short(ish) term. However, I personally feel that this ought to be seen as a buy and hold situation. As I mentioned, these are very early days for Ethereum and it will be several years before we really know whether the platform is likely to succeed and how.

(Disclosure: I own a few Ethereum and plan to buy more through 2017).

It goes without saying that this is for information and entertainment purposes only. Crypto currencies are high risk and very volatile assets. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Asset prices rise and fall and your author accepts no responsibility for your financial decisions.

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