10 Resources You Need If You're New To The Crypto World

Crypto can be a wonderland to people who are just getting started. It is difficult. You just don’t know what platform to trust and not trust.

So in this article, I’ve compiled a list of trusted Crypto Platforms, Tools and Resources. And I hope with this you can get a good dive into the Crypto world.

1. Browser:

Brave browser: This is the most preferred browser for crypto users. It is privacy-centric and stops websites from tracking you. It’s very fast and available on both desktop and mobile.

Tor Browser: This is better than VPN but little slow in speed. Reliable browser for hiding your IP.

2. Password management tool:

Dashlane: This helps you generate a new password and saves it automatically. When you log in to the site the next time, it automatically fills the username and password. Not only does it save a lot of time, but it also increases your security like the Pentagon, well, almost 🙂 The mobile app is pretty solid too. Make a habit and start using it from today. They also have an in-built VPN which is free to use.

3. Wallet:

Ledger Nano X: The best way to keep your Bitcoin and 100+ cryptocurrencies safe. They also support the ERC 20 coin and Binance chain coins.

Exodus wallet: Desktop wallet. Use this as the last resort only. Do remember, your desktop and mobile can easily be hacked whereas hardware wallets ensure your coins remain safe.

4. Best Exchanges for Crypto:

Luno: This platform makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies. If you’re a Nigerian, you should use this platform.

Binance: The #1 Altcoin exchange with a great mobile app. Watch this video to learn about their mobile app.

PrimeXBT: For margin trading up to 100X leverage.

Paxful: This platform allows you to use hundreds of different payment methods to buy and sell bitcoin.

Changelly: Not an exchange but if you want to get any new coin instantly, this is a great website.

5. Buying/Selling Bitcoins:

LocalBitcoins: A P2P website where you can buy/sell Bitcoins directly to other users. Including in cash.

Luno: If you need to buy Bitcoin using a credit/debit card. This is your siteCoinmama: Another popular European site to purchase cryptos using credit debit cards.

CoinBase: For U.S., U.K users who want to buy using a bank account.

6. For Crypto Traders:

TradingView: Best place to see the charts (Mostly Free)

Coinigy: For the experienced traders who ❤️ technical analysis. I once subscribed for a six-month plan and I never regretted it.

7. For mining:

Honeyminer: Use this to mine profitable crypto using your computer (Windows/Mac). Easy to use and automatically pick the profitable crypto to mine.

Whatomine: Provide your data to understand which cryptos are profitable to mine.

8. Other resources:

CoinMarketcap: Best place to see the price and other details of any coin of your choice.

Masternode.pro: All Masternode coins. However, I’m not too fancy about this mechanism.

9. Trading bots:

3Commas: Offers Paper trading (Great to try your hands on trading with virtual money)

TradeSanta: Simple bot to go long or short

10. Crypto lending:

Defi.saver: Lend your Ethtereum or stable coin to earn up to 10% annually (Compounded every 10 minutes)

Nexo: Crypto bank that let you earn interest and you can also borrow funds using your crypto as collateral.

Now we have come to the end of the list. These are just some of the tools I use. In case you would like to suggest more or add to the list, kindly do that using the comments below.

I hope to see you come back and read my new posts. And until then, keep learning.
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