9jacashflow Weekly Business and Investing Round Up

You’re welcome to the very first issue(#1) of the 9jacashflow.com weekly business and investing round-up.

During the course of the week, we shared 3 insightful articles on our blog, which I strongly recommend you read.

The first article covers 11 platforms where you can carry out your crypto research. It includes links to these platforms and gets you started on researching good crypto to buy for the next bull market.

The next article discussed in detail the reasons why African investors should look at automating their crypto trading and investing. It also contains a list of platforms where you can get access to good trading bots for a free or affordable price.

In the final article, I covered what you must know when trading crypto perpetual futures contracts. I also gave reasons why I don’t recommend futures to newbies and intermediate traders. Read more about it here.

Other articles worth reading on the 9jacashfow blog are:

  1. How To Build A Well-Balanced Crypto Portfolio In 6 Steps
  2. 7 Types of Cryptocurrencies To Add to Your Portfolio

Update on the crypto market 

A lot of people also asked me about the current situation of the crypto market. 

And here is my response:

  1. I believe at worst we can see another 50% price drop in the crypto market but if you can withstand it, then the exponential gains/returns are yours.
  2. And, if at all you’re selling some of your cryptos to buy back at a low price after another crash in price, don’t sell the major ones that we’re currently accumulating. These are coins like:
    • Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
    • Internet Computer (ICP)
    • Fan tokens(Lazio, etc)
    • RSR
    • Monero etc
  3. Finally, don’t sell all your medium-risk coins like BTC, ETH, and BNB.

If you don’t understand the difference between low, medium, and high-risk crypto, you may consider reading our article on how to build a well-balanced portfolio.

Crypto Investing Roundup

If you can’t hold crypto for at least 3 months, don’t bother buying.

Profit can either come way sooner or way later.

And while we all expect it to be soon, we need to also plan to be patient in case it doesn’t come.

And I will like to remind you of one of my favorite crypto quotes by CZ, the founder of Binance. He said and I quote, “If you can’t hold, you won’t be rich.”

Insightful articles I read this week 

  1. Why we need a better form of money
  2. Kevin O’Leary says these are the best assets to own as inflation stays white hot
  3. 10 things I’ve learned from Robert Greene about mastery, creativity, and human nature
  4. 10 mistakes you’re making as a trader right now

Educative videos I watched this week

  1. Canva Create 2022: The Future is Visual
  2. Don’t chase happiness. Become antifragile | Tal Ben-Shahar 
  3. Andrew Tate: Just Take Money

The book I’m currently reading

The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin D. Johnson: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs

If you would like to read books often but need an accountability partner, you can join the 9jacashflow Book Club for a token sum of ₦5000 yearly. 

Feel free to visit the 9jacashflow Youtube Channel for video tutorials on how to make money online. 

Finally, visit the 9jacashflow Academy for practical, step-by-step, and beginner-friendly courses on trading investing, and online business.

Thank you, and God bless!

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